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Why include black and white photos in your wedding gallery? Wedding photographers say

Wedding photographs are the memories that will be kept for history through moments that allow us to relive what was experienced on that special day. Wedding galleries are full of photographs that when seen together tell a whole story, including photos with family members and portraits that remind us of a more formal version of the wedding, but also photos full of feelings and spontaneous moments that transmit the emotion of that day. Of course, black and white wedding photos are also present and have a reason why they are there.

That’s why today we wanted to dedicate this post to invite a distinguished group of wedding photographers who are part of our Recommended Suppliers to explain to all those couples who are about to get married, the importance of black and white photos in a wedding gallery and why they add value to the memories of that day.

If there is one thing we agree on here at Frida Enamorada, it is that black and white photos have a special charm and here our photographers confirm it, explaining that their importance is focused on emphasizing the emotion of the moment:

Eucalyptus Weddings: “Black and white photographs usually have a poetic and nostalgic touch that we love to reflect, it is a way to romanticize key moments of the wedding. Sometimes the same emotion in the photo doesn’t need any more and it even seems that a color could detract attention from it. Instead, black and white makes you focus 100% on it.”

Hello Norte: “Personally, I think it gives much more character to a photo, highlights more expressions and details and you can reflect more emotion with a good photo, in the galleries I always complement with many black and white photos precisely to convey much more feeling and emotion.”

While there are those who think that black and white wedding photos add an emotional touch to the gallery, there are also those who give us a more technical perspective explaining that black and white is not always necessary and many times it is simply a stylistic decision on the part of your wedding photographer:

Gab Photography: “We’re not sure if it’s important for the gallery to include black and white photos mandatorily. We believe that it is not so much a “plus” or a “must” for the bride and groom; but rather a decision of the photographer regarding his editing style.

Just as there are those who look for a cleaner and more natural edition, there are those who prefer more contrasting, vibrant (saturated) or softer (pastel) colors.

We in particular do integrate black and white because we like it, especially in more editorial and minimalist photos or those that convey a certain nostalgia. Sometimes we even edit to black and white to rescue an image that was painted too much by color.”

As we already learned, it is not mandatory to have black and white photos in a wedding gallery if the occasion does not ask for it, however these photographs have the power to transcend the passage of time, so it is a great option to consider when capturing the most epic moments of a wedding, here our photographers explain why:

The Times We Have: “Black and white can amplify emotions, as it takes away the distraction of color. Apart from that, black and white gives a classic, timeless look that never goes out of style. It can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your album.”

Potss Wed: “It’s important to be able to give emphasis to some details, give more impact to a special moment, without distractions. Black and white photos are timeless, they will never lose their charm.”

Ildefonso GutiĆ©rrez: “I think black and white photographs are beautiful and should definitely be included in the delivery. Why? Well, I think that every photograph tells something, however, there are photographs that by converting them to black and white usually change the perception of the photograph since they eliminate distractors and frame the emotions; that is to say, everything is enhanced much more. I also believe that this should not be abused, because then it would lose all its magic.

In conclusion, black and white photographs are a must, and I consider myself a super fan of them… as long as it is used delicately, plus these photographs will never go out of style.”

Whether you’re a fan of this type of wedding photography or maybe you’ve never thought about it before, now you’ll know why your photographer will decide to include these photos in the gallery of this special day.

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