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5 wedding hairstyle ideas

The wedding day is special for any woman who pays attention to the smallest details to make sure everything is perfect on the day. Hair is one of the biggest concerns of any bride, especially if she has fine hair or hair with special features. Don’t panic! In addition to the fact that today we have unique products such as hair oil or detangling product that make the styling job easier and allow us to keep them in good condition throughout the day, you can also count on us to give you some very original ideas. about wedding hairstyles that you will love. Take note of these tips to choose the best hairstyle for your wedding!

The hairstyle will largely depend on the type of hair of the bride, as there are those who have long, very short, very thin, curly… And, on the other hand, you also have to take into account the features of the face and the shape of this. But here are some ideas for all hair types and face shapes:

Highly gathered.

This type of hairstyle goes very well with very long hair and a slightly elongated face. They can be made in different ways and decorated with ribbons or small fresh flowers, as well as a tiara, depending on the style of your dress. This would be the perfect hairstyle if you have an open back.

Low hairstyle.

A low hairstyle will look great on you, regardless of your face shape or your hair type. Even if it is very thin, you can add some volume by adding some extensions to give more volume. Well, it is ideal if you wear a dress that has a leading role on the back because of its design, as this will make it look its best. It doesn’t have to be a simple bow, there are many options to choose from. We’re sure your hairdresser knows how to give you ideas.


With this hairstyle, you can show a natural look without losing elegance, and it will look good with all kinds of accessories, such as flowers or studs. There are a thousand and one ideas you can incorporate, whether it’s a back gathering, sideways, with little braids or plaits…

Braids, a classic

Braids . have been a trend for several years, and in wedding hairstyles they are the most in demand They are versatile and can be added to many types of hairstyles, such as bows, ponytails, braids, braids, braids, half-braids… The options are endless! Plus, they go with any style of dress, and you can add embellishments to give them a more elegant look.

The mussed effect

If you have dry hair and want to give it a natural look, with a messy hairstyle but without losing elegance, you can look perfect on your wedding day. And if you combine it with vibrant dried flowers, you get a beautiful bohemian look.

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