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Ideas to remember your wedding forever

Months of planning will lead up to one of the most special moments in any couple’s life. As is often the case with such moments, the wedding day flies by. You can’t stop time, and remembering every detail is impossible. For this reason, wedding photography becomes a fundamental part of capturing the details at the ceremony and at the party. These little glimpses of the day allow couples to remember the beauty of each moment.

Wedding photos become the best way to immortalize that special day. They are not only images that the couple will keep for themselves, but they are photographs that they will pass down from generation to generation, sharing these memories with their children and grandchildren in the future. These photographs allow you to relive the entire wedding day, from the morning preparations to the last guest’s farewell hug. Most couples select the best photographs from their wedding reportage to create a beautiful album. An album that usually ends up in a drawer. For this reason, we propose some ideas to decorate your home with your wedding photos and remember that special day.

Wall canvases

A nice way to display your wedding photos is to print them on a canvas. Wall canvases bring out the warmth of the memory hidden in the photographs, turning the memories into pieces of art. The main advantage of photo canvases is that they have a much more attractive format than traditional paintings, which makes the photos stand out in any space in the home. A large canvas is a great way to give that beautiful keepsake the center of attention it deserves in the home. Couples can hang it on a large wall over the sofa, over the bed or over the fireplace. Not only will this canvas bring back beautiful memories, but it will also become the centerpiece of any room.

Panoramic Canvases

Couples may not have paid much attention to their surroundings when they were lost in each other’s eyes during the photo shoot. Whether it’s the beach, the mountains, the cityscape or any other landscape, panoramic canvases fully capture the essence of that beautiful moment, making couples remember it forever. An attractive and elegant format that blends harmoniously into the environment and adds beauty to any room in the home, although they are usually hung in the bedroom over the bed or in the living room over the sofa.

Gallery wall

The ‘gallery wall’ technique is a new decorative concept that consists of creating harmonic compositions with photographs to cover a part of the wall. This is the perfect way to start decorating a newlywed house. By creating a gallery wall with special wedding memories, such as a picture of the bride’s bouquet flowers or the bride and groom’s kiss, couples will not only make the most of their memories, but will also have a little corner where their love will be represented. The key is to combine wedding-related mementos with other pieces, adding objects to create more depth to the room.

Black and white photos

There is something special about black and white photographs. Similar to love, there is a romantic, emotional and timeless quality to black and white photos. This format is able to convey much more than a color photograph, especially when it comes to moments as special as a wedding, as it makes the story much stronger. An interesting idea is to hang two wedding photos, side by side, to give a classic but modern look to the home decor. This is a different way to transport us to a different plane of reality, and that takes us back to that special day.

Small square photos in a frame

One of the most interesting ideas to remember your wedding is to print small square photos and frame them in a frame. The result is a romantic wedding photo display. This is a unique way to preserve and display several wedding photos at once. Wedding ring photos, kiss photo, wedding dress photo, bridal bouquet photo and celebration photos are some of the moments that can’t be missed in this small collection of images.


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