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What dresses to choose for the wedding guests

The first thought that comes after receiving an invitation to the wedding concerns a purely practical matter: choosing a wedding dress for the guests that will fully match the solemnity of the moment, but will not be boring and will not get lost against the background of the other invitees. In this material, we will share tips on choosing an outfit to make you look impeccable and feel comfortable during the celebration.

Wedding dress for guests: How to choose?

Choosing the color

In recent years, the European trend where the bride and groom determine the style of the wedding has come into fashion, which fully applies to the outfits of invited guests as well. If you received an invitation to the event in the style of “Provence”, “Rustic” or any other of the great variety of stylistic solutions, you should not ignore the wishes of the newlyweds.

But most often a kind of dress code applies only to shades of clothing guests: buy a dress for the wedding will have to be that color, which will prevail in the details of the image of the bride and groom, interior decorations. If there are no such restrictions, then the choice of dress for the wedding as a guest is solely your prerogative. Take into account when choosing a simple rule:

White is the color of the bride, so the dressy dresses of the guests should be different from the wedding dress, so as not to make the girlfriend associative competition.

It is better to choose a dress in light colors. Wine-red, dark purple, burgundy can look too sensual against the general background, and black – too ascetic. Bridesmaid when choosing a dress color it is better to refuse all unimpressive shades of gray and beige. An outfit in these colors next to a snow-white bride’s dress, especially in photos and videos, will look stale. Feel free to experiment with blue, lavender, mint – the colors of youth and energy.
Give preference to a monochrome dress. Evening dresses in monochrome always look impeccably solemn.

Well, and, of course, the main rule when choosing a shade: beautiful dresses for the wedding must necessarily match your color type of appearance.

Wedding dress for guests: what color to choose

The choice of style

In this matter, you can give yourself complete freedom of action, but still with some reservations. You should not wear too short a dress, otherwise you will have all chances to appear vulgar. Giving a preference for a mini, select a model with a closed top.

Elegantly and organically look at the celebration midi and long dresses with an A-silhouette, dress-like fish, trapezoidal shape models to the middle of the knee. Young girls will be able to shine, but not overshadow the beauty of the bride, in a mid-length smock dress.

Wedding dress for guests: what style to choose

Properly chosen elegant dresses of large sizes will advantageously emphasize the advantages and level the disadvantages of girls with puffy forms. Graceful girls should pay attention to form-fitting models: dress-box or full-dress.

A wedding dress for the mother of the bride or groom should be chosen with special care: these ladies are often not only guests, but also the organizers of the event. On this day, they will have to not only have fun, but also deal with some organizational issues, so the outfit should be not only flawlessly festive, but also comfortable. When buying a dress for the wedding of the mother of the groom or the bride, it is better to give preference to a model with a straight free cut silhouette or a semi-solid version.

Wedding dress for the mother of the bride

Fabric & Fittings

Before you go to a fashion boutique or start leafing through the catalog of an online store, it is better to think through the whole image. Summer dresses for weddings should not abound with accent fittings. The lightness and airiness of the model is better complemented by appropriate accessories: beautiful pendant earrings or rings, bracelets, necklaces. Even in spite of the warm weather it is better to reject the idea of buying dresses made of linen or cotton: these fabrics are most appropriate for everyday wear. The ideal choice for the summer – chiffon, crepe-chiffon, taffeta, soft. The combination of such materials with monochrome glitter, satin or tulle looks elegant and dressy.

Wedding guest dress: fabrics and fittings

The dress for the guest at a wedding scheduled in winter or fall, too, should not be too tight and closed. A great option is an evening gown made of brocade, silk, half-wool, jacquard, or panne velvet.

Dress for a wedding winter fall.

It is good if the fabric used for sewing a tight outfit has a reserve of elasticity: this quality will allow you to feel comfortable during the dancing and competitions.

In the online store Glem you can buy an elegant and feminine dress for a wedding with delivery. And so you are not confused when choosing in the large range, our consultants are always ready to answer any questions about quality, fabric texture or dimensional grid.

One last thing. While leaving for the wedding do not forget to take a good mood with you, as even the most luxurious dress will not adorn a dissatisfied or sad face!

The main rules of the wedding dress code

Strict wedding guest attire.

Of course, evening attire for a wedding should be special. In order not to fall in the mud and not to look inappropriate at the celebration, you need to know about some of the rules of the dress code, to understand what you can and what you can not wear to the wedding. So, a few important nuances:

Only the bride may wear white to a wedding. No exceptions! Want to wear a light dress – choose cream, light pink, beige, pale blue shades.
Black is acceptable, but it must be diluted and enlivened with jewelry, a cape, a jacket.
If the invitation mentioned a special wedding dress code (color, theme), observe it necessarily. Otherwise “fall out” of the general style and in general, you risk to offend the perpetrators of the feast.
The chosen dress may be simple, but it should look smart. Remember, the newlyweds will not be particularly pleasant to see at the party guests in casual wear.
Decorations, of course, are welcome, but in them you need to know the measure. It is not necessary to shine like a Christmas tree, attracting everyone’s attention. The bride is the main person at the wedding!

Next, be sure to specify (if not specified in the invitation), how formal the event is planned. Proceeding from this and taking into account the rules above, you will have no problem creating the right image!

Advice for the young: do not set too narrow a framework and force guests to spend money on super-luxury outfits!

Formal look

Dresses for wedding guests with a formal dress code are the most festive and sophisticated option. As a rule, invitations to such celebrations specify that men should wear a tuxedo, tie or bow tie, and women should wear expensive evening gowns.

For a formal wedding, choose a long dress (floor-length is appropriate) in traditional colors (black, gray, burgundy, blue) of expensive fabrics. Shoes on heels and expensive jewelry are a must (precious stones are welcome, but high-quality costume jewelry is also acceptable). Gloves are appropriate, but uncovered hands are not the best option. Hair style should be solemn and not allowed to be loose. A good option is to follow the image of celebrities from the red carpet.

A semi-formal evening image

A very popular version of the wedding dress code is semi-formal. For men it implies a light suit-double with a tie (for the evening banquet a dark suit is appropriate). Women are given more freedom: they should wear a daytime, not too long dress (length from the knee and below). With colors can also experiment more freely: in addition to traditional colors, bright colors are possible (without kinks), metallized textures, sequins and rhinestones are acceptable.

Casual evening style

This dress code implies even more freedom when choosing an outfit for the wedding as a guest. In principle, if there is no indication of a dress code in the invitation, this is the default, relatively free, but solemn style is assumed. Ladies can choose a beautiful designer outfit (even a pantsuit is allowed). The dress should be quite solemn, but not luxurious. Length above the knee is quite acceptable, but ultra-mini is excluded.

Men should opt for a formal business suit with a nice smart shirt. A tie is not necessary.

A simple, unofficial look.

At a simple, unconventional friendly wedding, no officiousness is expected from the guests. Tips for choosing dresses and suits for such a celebration are as simple as possible:

  • smart dress without frills, any length is acceptable, excluding super-maxi;
  • simple jewelry and bijouterie are welcome;
  • Both high-heeled and flat shoes are appropriate;
  • hair and makeup are at the guest’s discretion;
  • men may confine themselves to suit pants and a smart shirt; a nice vest is acceptable.

An informal daytime look

There are practically no restrictions! You can not “think hard” about what dress or suit to choose for the wedding – the main thing that the outfit looked quite solemn and beautiful. Inappropriate for such a dress code are only very formal outfits: tuxedos, fancy dresses to the floor, diamonds, feathers and fur.

Cocktail attire

How to dress for a wedding guest, if the invitation specifies cocktail attire? For men, it’s simple – a semi-formal dark suit will do for them. For girls, too, there’s one perfect, win-win cocktail attire – a little black dress. Only it should not be too “small” – the length of the ultra-mini at the wedding is not welcome. A selection of beautiful cocktail dresses in other colors can easily be found online.

Stylish smart-casual attire

If the wedding guests are offered to choose a smart-casual style outfit, it is supposed to be an informal, friendly party. In this case, you can not limit yourself to narrow frameworks and choose any comfortable clothing. Even jeans are appropriate (but not ripped), but it’s better to complement them with a stylish blouse, not a T-shirt. Light sundresses, denim shorts, turtleneck, breeches – any clothing is acceptable for the guests at such a wedding!

Attire for a themed wedding

If the newlyweds declared a themed wedding, the costumes and dresses of the guests must match. The theme of the wedding is necessarily spelled out in the invitation, and there may also be certain recommendations on the choice of attire.

But even if you do not have on hand the right clothes that can fit in creating a themed image, do not feel bad! You don’t have to run to the store and spend large sums to buy essentially disposable items. Keeping the right theme will always help with the right accessories!

For example, for a gangster-inspired wedding, it is enough to complement the little black dress with pancake beads, high gloves and hair accessories, make a suitable hairstyle and makeup. A cigar, a pistol (toy) and a hat will do for a men’s costume. If an oriental style wedding is planned, choose an outfit in the red and gold palette and complement it with lots of jewelry, a bright scarf and, of course, colorful makeup.

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