Essentials for Beautiful Skin on Your Wedding Day

With the big day marked on the calendar, we’re not only faced with a chaotic few months in terms of organization. We also want to look radiant. To do this, although there are many aesthetic treatments that give immediate results, it is important to stress the importance of acquiring facial routine habits.

Why? Because a good facial beauty routine eliminates and removes all impurities and dead cells from our face. With this we renew the skin, something that considerably delays aging and the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, a cleaner skin will be a much more radiant and luminous skin. But do we know what kind of products to use for these facial routines? Any quality brand, such as Eucerin, Vichy, Isdin, La Roche Posay, among others, which have different product lines, how do we know which one is the right one for a facial beauty routine?
Cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection

The three pillars of daily skin care are cleansing, moisturizing and facial protection. On this basis, it will be a little clearer what kind of products are essential for a clean and luminous skin. Obviously everything we add is always welcome, but to have good effects, with these three steps we would have more than enough, especially in younger skins.

The importance of order

One of the questions that most often concerns us is the order of the products. The truth is that in this case, order does matter. To remember this, we simply have to think that the lightest products are always applied first, leaving the denser ones for last. Why? Because otherwise we would detract from the effectiveness of the products used. Thus, after cleansing, always apply toner, essences, serum, moisturizers (anti-wrinkle, acne creams, firming creams, etc.) and finally oils.

The importance of skin type

It is very important to know the type of skin we have; and although there are skins that can accept almost any type of product, the most common is that we find particularities, such as those with oily, dry or sensitive skin.

It is necessary to always purchase products that are focused on our skin type; and if we spend products for dry skin on oily skin, we will surely aggravate our problems. The reverse is also true.

Essentials for the morning routine

Keep in mind that the main function of the morning facial routine is to protect our skin to prepare it to last all day. The aim of the morning routine is to minimize the impact of external aggressions. Therefore, the first product we will use is a cleansing gel, especially in the case of oily skin. For dry or combination skin, it may be enough to wash your face with water, since the skin is quite clean at that time of day when pollution and make-up are present, if you have done your nighttime cleansing correctly.

The next product for the morning routine would be the toner. It is a product that is not always essential, but today’s toners can have benefits for certain skin types. For example, in oily skin they can be very beneficial in balancing the pH and tightening pores.

Once the skin is cleansed, it is time to apply the moisturizer. Each moisturizer is adapted to the needs of different skin types. Thus, drier skins will require creams richer in oils, while sensitive skins will need a more astringent formula.

A morning routine should never be without sunscreen. Keep in mind that the sun’s aggression is one of the most damaging to our skin. Sun damage, moreover, is cumulative, so that over the years, the most exposed skins may have problems of spots or the early appearance of deep wrinkles. Prevention is better than cure.

Facial routine at night

At night, the function is to remove all traces of makeup from the day. In addition, night creams are the most focused on treating certain problems of our skin; and is that at night, while we rest, we are not exposed to external pollutants. Regeneration at this time of day is greater.

Start your night routine with a good make-up remover suitable for your skin type. If you do not do so, you will favor the appearance of free radicals, as well as clogging pores and causing blackheads to appear.

After cleansing, use facial cleansing gels. Always try to massage the face with this gel for one minute so that the product can penetrate better. Then rinse with water and pat dry with a towel.

With the skin completely cleansed, it is time to use all those products that are responsible for providing the active ingredients that each skin type needs. In this step, therefore, would enter the serums and eye contour. After these products, it is time for moisturizing. In the case of the night, moisturizers should be a little richer in active ingredients than those we use during the day, especially if we have very dry skin.

With these products and these morning and evening routines, as long as we are consistent, we will obtain a much healthier and more luminous face.

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