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Signs You’ve Found Your Wedding Gown

I’m sure someone has told you the following phrase: “You’ll know right away when you’ve found your wedding dress”. I must admit that I had heard it too but found it very hard to believe, until the day I tried on what became my wedding dress and felt it in my own flesh. If you too have started your search for the perfect dress, I’m sure you want to know how to know that you’ve found the dress of your dreams. That’s why I want to share with you some tips that will help you find wedding dresses.

That Special Feeling

Well first of all, it is possible that it happens to you like it did to me, you try on a dress, you look at it and tears come to your eyes because you see yourself so special and so beautiful… Well if this happens to you, no matter how many dresses you try on, you will find a flaw and you will remember that dress that made you feel so special. So I personally recommend you to stop your search and buy that dress. If you don’t feel comfortable with choosing that dress without trying on other models or brands, take a picture and every time you try on a dress you like, take out your cell phone and look at the picture. How does it make you feel? I did it myself and when I looked at the picture I thought “puff, I don’t like it as much as the one in the picture”.

You will only get married once (or at least that’s the idea…) so, only once in your life you are going to wear a wedding dress so apart from the fact that it has to be the dress of your dreams, you have to feel comfortable in it. This point is very important because there are many hours and you should try to enjoy every moment of your wedding without being uncomfortable. If you are getting married in summer, keep in mind that it is better to choose vaporous and light dresses, avoiding heavy and hot fabrics. On the other hand, I think it is very important to wear a neckline that you feel comfortable with and that you can forget about. If you are a shy bride, do not opt for a very plunging neckline to avoid that you are going to be looking at it all day and it will make you uncomfortable. In the case of a strapless neckline it is very important that the dress fits you like a glove because if not you will be pulling it up all day and you will get tired without a doubt.

Don’t Feel Disguised

Besides feeling comfortable it is important to feel yourself. Regardless of how beautiful the dress is, the essential thing is not to feel dressed up under any circumstances. At this point it is also very important the choice of accessories: veil, headdress, earrings, … In the dress fitting take everything and so you can decide how it makes you feel that dress you’re trying.

The dress suits you

Maybe you already have an idea of a dress that you like a lot, a type of model that you have had in your head for months. But you have to keep in mind that every body is different and every woman’s clothes can be more or less flattering. So it is very important to go to fittings with honest and critical people. If something doesn’t suit you, they should have the courage to say so. You can also ask the sales clerks to help you choose a model that suits your figure. It often happens that we go with the idea of buying a princess style wedding dress or a mermaid cut dress but when we try it on, it doesn’t fit us well. Well, it is very important to accept it and try other models because as soon as a dress fits you like a glove you will get that magical feeling and you will say: “this is my dress”.

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