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How to store the wedding dress before the wedding day

How exciting to pick up a wedding dress from the salon or seamstress – after all, it’s a sign that the wedding day is almost here! Nevertheless, many brides get very nervous. After all, the thought of bringing home a pouch containing one of the most important dresses you will ever wear can seem daunting. What if something spills on the dress? What if a pet or small child accidentally ruins it?

Fortunately, there’s nothing complicated about storing your wedding dress until the big day – as long as, of course, you know what to do. Yes, it’s more complicated than just hanging it on a rack, but there’s nothing you can’t handle.

How to properly store a wedding dress?

Wedding dresses differ in material and style, which means they require different storage conditions. Before you do anything, we recommend asking your wedding designer or bridal salon how they recommend storing the dress.

And here are three more tips that will work for almost any wedding dress.

  1. Store the dress in a cool, dry and dark place. We’ll let you in on the big secret: sunlight is not your dress’s best friend. We also recommend keeping your dress away from other clothing that may be dusty, dirty, or may transmit odor. Both of these tips ensure that your dress will not fade or accumulate condensation that can eventually ruin the dress.
  2. Hang your wedding dress in a safe place. In case you want to hang your dress on a hanger, we recommend using a sturdy, durable hanger specifically designed for heavy and delicate items such as your wedding dress. Always make sure that the dress hangs on the straps that should be inside, and never hang it by the straps or shoulders. However, not all dresses should be hung. For example, delicate, beaded fabrics are best stored folded.
  3. Use a breathable cover. Wedding dresses need to be stored in a pouch. Use a fabric garment cover and never use a plastic one.

    Why is it so important to store your wedding dress properly?

A wedding dress is not the same as your favorite summer dress. It’s usually heavier and made of more delicate materials than everyday clothes, which means it requires care to keep it in perfect condition.

If the dress is stored properly, you will not have to fumble with it for a long time on the important day, and there should be a minimum of creases.

Where to store the wedding dress?

When you pick up your wedding dress after the alterations, it is usually in a garment case, although it is possible that the seamstress will put it in a box. If you don’t have anything else to store the dress, you can leave it in that case or box. Keep the dress away from other items of clothing. Closets, drawers, dyes from other fabrics will all affect the clean fabric of the wedding dress.

Also make sure the garment cover is large enough to completely cover the dress – the bottom should not stick out. If you don’t have such a long cover, we recommend using a simple method: cut a hole in a sheet or light blanket. The main thing is to make sure the dress is completely covered and not wrinkled.

Make sure that the place where you put the dress is very dark and dry, and that moisture and light do not get in. If you want to hide the dress from the groom, store it in a relative’s house and ask them to keep the dress in a room with minimal traffic.

Does the method of storing the dress depend on the material?

If you want to hang your dress in a closet, be sure to consider the material your wedding dress is made of when choosing how to store it. Most dresses are designed to hang safely on the inside loops. However, if the dress is made of satin or decorated with large beads on a thin base (such as tulle or chiffon), you may not want to hang it on a hanger, as such fabrics and materials stretch more than others. Try not to fold or stack the layers on top of each other to avoid knots and pulling the beads.

Wedding dresses made of very delicate fabrics should never be hung up, as long hanging time on the hanger can put stress on the seams, which will eventually change the shape of the dress. In this case, it is better to put the dress in a box. Such delicate fabrics include silk and organza. If your dress is embroidered with beads, you should also take extra care. Any dress with pebbles, inlays should never come into contact with fabrics such as tulle or chiffon.

How to hang a wedding dress?

If you decide that the wedding dress can safely hang in the closet, you should still be extra careful:

  • First of all, make sure you choose a sturdy hanger with tight padding.
  • Hang your dress by the inner loops and not by the straps. Straps are very fragile, especially in relation to the weight of the dress, and they can stretch and sometimes even tear.
  • Don’t worry too much about the train. If it is stored in a garment case, it will be fine. It can always be steamed.


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