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Wedding trends we will see the most in 2023

If this past year has left us convinced of anything, it’s that weddings are back stronger than ever. The past pandemic may have taken its toll in previous years, but now we can safely say that the industry has recovered. Dance floors are filling up with guests, couples are traveling to far-flung destinations to get married, and grand receptions are back.

After emerging from so many restrictions, the wedding trends of 2023 are the perfect opportunity for couples to express their personalities to the fullest and make their wedding an experience that is not limited to a conventional celebration.

For this year we foresee weddings where the nostalgia factor will be the protagonist, where floral design will claim its importance, color will dominate the scene and brides will be more authentic than ever. Below we leave you with the wedding trends that are coming with more strength for 2023.

The 80’s are back

As we know, trends always come back and this year the 80’s fashion will be very strong in the bridal scene. The 80’s will be present in the bridal look but with a very refined revamp that will make the dramatic details of this decade take a modern and elegant twist with elements such as big puffed sleeves, short dresses, big bows and accessories that make a fashion statement worthy of the era. Brides and grooms will also join this trend by daring to wear outfits with bold colors and accessories with personality.

Not only will we see this decade present in terms of the look, we will continue to see other characteristic elements of the eighties present at weddings, such as the iconic vintage pastels, the elaborate floral design in the decorations and the big dance parties where the eighties music will be played at full volume.

Second outfit

The opportunity to have an original look that defies the norms will not be missed by brides this 2023, as having a second bridal look will now be more common than ever. Brides will wear their dream wedding dress, but they won’t miss the opportunity to wear a bold, rule-breaking look to make that stellar second entrance at their reception. Brides will dare to wear short dresses, colorful dresses and even pants – there are no rules when it comes to second outfits!

Not only brides are joining this wedding trend, grooms are also taking advantage of leaving the formality of the ceremony to dare to wear a more relaxed look with which they can freely have fun at the party and with which they can also express their personal style. Simply by changing the elegant jacket for a denim jacket and the shoes for a pair of tennis shoes the look will take a cool turn.

Long live pink!

The strong influence of the 90’s on the current generations and the great Barbiecore proposal presented on the Valentino runway in its ready to wear fall-winter 2022-23 collection set the tone for Pantone to propose Viva Magenta as color of the year, so there is no doubt that pink will have an imposing presence at weddings in 2023.

Couples will dare to opt for less conventional and daring color palettes, so be prepared to see brides wearing big pink tulle gowns and stunning floral designs in shades of orchids, magentas and violets honoring this trend.

Bold color palettes

One of the biggest trends we foresee for 2023 is bold and original color palettes. More and more couples are opting for bold and unforgettable color combinations that reflect their personality. We will see the vibrancy of these color combinations in stationery, flowers and bridesmaids’ dresses.

If you’re planning a wedding this 2023, don’t be afraid to experiment with some unexpected color schemes. And remember, it’s your wedding, so anything goes. Need help defining the perfect color palette for your wedding? Our Frida Moodboard will help you do just that, purchase it HERE.

Mixed bridal court

Today’s generations want their wedding court to be a true reflection of what their friendship groups are like, which means that no matter if you have a best friend among your closest friends, it won’t limit you from having that special person on your team.

Mates of honor instead of a maid of honor, groomsmaids on the groom’s side and bridesmaids with the bride, are new concepts that have emerged thanks to the need for couples to make their bridal court mixed to include the people they love the most regardless of their sex or gender identity.

Intimate Ceremonies and Destination Elopements

Latino couples still want the big party but now more than ever they are seeing the importance of keeping meaning in their weddings, so from the influence of celebrity weddings like Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s in which couples sneak away by surprise before the official date to have a symbolic ceremony in private, is that we will be seeing more elopement weddings celebrated more frequently this 2023.

There is often confusion that having an elopement wedding means sacrificing having a conventional wedding, however this is not so, since today’s couples want to have an intimate ceremony in which they can exchange their vows privately to live a moment in which they can express their love authentically and then share the celebration in a conventional way with their loved ones with all that a conventional wedding entails, without having to sacrifice that private moment that elevates the experience to another sentimental level.

Floral design of impact

The bigger the better. Floral design will have a big presence in terms of decoration. Large installations for ceremonies with a modern twist will have prominence, floor level installations, lots of texture, spectacular arches that frame the couple and unconventional elements that capture a totally Instagrammable moment will be the great proposal.

At the reception, floral arrangements with different heights and bases will be seen to create dynamism along the tables where free space is required at the time of sharing dinner.

Sustainability is in fashion

Today’s couples take into consideration all aspects and are empathetic to the impact their wedding may have on the environment, so they take advantage of their celebration to choose eco-friendly options; such as eliminating the use of plastics and disposables, choosing quality banquets over quantity, choosing local and conscious suppliers, reducing the amount of garbage among their choices by dispensing with not so important elements, such as souvenirs and thank you cards, and even opting to rent dresses and suits instead of buying them.

Fast food after hours

It is well known that Latin couples enjoy long parties and after so much dancing the hunger starts to wake up again after midnight, that’s why you have to think about everything and food is no exception. Who said that your wedding banquet can’t be fun? Today is all about pampering your guests with a delicious option that everyone likes and that you don’t have to break the atmosphere by closing the dance floor to eat it. After hours fast food such as burgers, pizzas, tacos and ice cream will be popular at weddings in 2023.

Immersive experiences

Couples are focusing more and more on making their wedding an experience, and just as they want to add their own personal touch to the ceremony, they are also striving to give their party an original touch.

Dancing won’t be the only thing guests will be able to do at a wedding, as 2023 will see interactive booths to elevate their experience to the next level; from carnival games, tarot readings and tattoo stations to create unforgettable memories are an example of what we’ll be seeing in this upcoming season.

We will see entertainment different from what is typically seen at a wedding, such as circus performers, live painting, light shows and original dancers.

The banquet will also become part of this experience, as we will see chefs cooking at the table for the guests, as well as food and beverage stations that will make the dinner a multi-sensory experience.

Spontaneous and imperfect photos

The nostalgia factor is an important element in the return of trends and wedding photography could not be left behind. The film photography and with that bright flash characteristic of the disposable cameras of the 90’s but with an editorial touch is something that we will see present.

It is becoming more and more common for couples to ask for spontaneous photographs that reflect the authenticity of the moment, even if they look blurry or moving, the more spontaneity the better. But this doesn’t mean that sharp, natural-light photographs capturing key moments are a thing of the past, but rather that couples now appreciate the imperfection and nostalgia that takes them back to their teenage years, which is why they also value this other version of their memories so much.

Do it for the TikTok!

The importance of the wedding video will resume its popularity today more than ever, as the focus that social networks have given today to this format has made today’s couples make video a priority and it is certain that they will want to share with their loved ones those memories as they were lived on that day.

Videographers will offer couples not only the traditional wedding video, they will also give couples those sneek peaks of the highlights in vertical format ideal for couples to share on their networks, and of course, they will not waste the opportunity to capture that moment that has the potential to go viral.

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