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7 Tips for Choosing Wedding Shoes

When we talk about the overall wedding look, we quickly think of the wedding dress, hair, accessories and makeup. But we can’t forget how important the choice of wedding shoes is. There are so many important elements that you must consider when choosing them; such as height, color and comfort.

Finding the perfect shoes can be one of the most exciting aspects of creating a wedding look. After all, the day will be filled with photos and memories that will last a lifetime, and you’ll want to make sure every detail is perfect.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, keep reading and discover the best tips to help you choose wedding shoes that will give you style and comfort on that special day.

1. First, find your wedding dress.

Your shoes will complement the style of your wedding dress in all aspects, from color, formality and length. Therefore, if you have a short dress and your shoes will be visible, you can choose a pair of spectacular shoes that will define your entire look. We like styles with sequins, pearls or bows. If your dress is completely long, your shoes will not be as striking, but it is equally important that you choose them consciously.

2. Think about the venue.

When choosing your wedding shoes, consider your wedding venue. If your wedding will be on the beach or you will be walking across the grass to get to the aisle, forgo stiletto shoes altogether. If there are stairs or a paved area, low-heeled or platform shoes are best. Consider all of these types of elements in your establishment to avoid accidents and prioritize comfort.

3. Prioritize comfort.

We know there are styles of shoes that look amazing on counter tops or in online stores, but not all of them are comfortable. Remember that this pair will get you through a long day and part of the night, so it’s important that they are comfortable. This day should be remembered for all the special moments, not the pain in your feet.

We recommend some methods such as patches, cushioning or non-slip cushions that can prevent any injury to your feet.

4. Don’t be afraid of color.

Your shoes can be a great opportunity to add a twist to your wedding day look, you can wear them in your favorite happy color or use them as the perfect excuse for your “wear something blue”. Do not be afraid to take risks, combining your shoes with your partner’s outfit is also a romantic and original idea, allowing you to feel united from the start.

5. Take them to a dress fitting.

Nothing will give you more confidence than seeing the dress of your dreams with the perfect pair of shoes. This way, not only will you know that they complement each other, but you’ll also confirm if the length of the dress fits those beautiful shoes or if your dress needs some alterations.

6. Don’t leave your shoes at the end.

You probably have so much to do that you think buying shoes isn’t the most important thing right now because you think there are always cute shoes on sale or that you can order online, right?

Remember, the earlier you buy your shoes, the more time you will have to determine if they fit you, between determining if they completely fit your bridal look , or using them at home to make sure they are really comfortable.

7. Have a Plan B.

While it is considered ideal to wear the same shoes throughout your wedding day, the truth is that we like each bride to define her style and feel comfortable and happy on that special day. If you are going to wear a second wedding dress, take the opportunity to change your shoes to something more comfortable. tennis shoes or low shoes, On the other hand, we do not exclude that there should be cool nearby to give a twist to the evening and wedding look.

High or low heels, with sequins or pearls, in boots or sneakers, the shoes you wear on your wedding day should be comfortable. It is important that they reflect your style and personality, as this will make you feel safe and happy on one of the most special days of your life.

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