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Avoid these 5 mistakes when hiring wedding vendors

One of the elementary tasks to start planning your wedding is to start choosing all those providers that will make your wedding you’ve always dreamed of possible. And when it’s our first time, we have no idea how to play this game of choosing the right provider. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you!

That’s why we give you below 5 mistakes you should avoid when hiring wedding providers so you can find the right providers.

1. Not considering your budget.

Once you’ve determined your budget, make sure you find a team that is creative with what you’re going to spend and is within your range. Don’t worry if you can’t hire the most desirable wedding planner in your city, a smart vendor will always give you an alternative option if what you want is out of your range.
For example: if you ask your florist for the most expensive peonies when they are out of season, if he is professional and smart, he will advise you to look for a more viable option that is affordable, fits your pocket and can be just as beautiful.

2. Don’t analyze your past jobs in detail

It is very important that you ask your vendors to show you previous work, do not get 100% caught up in what you see on social media, although they are a great source to see their work, they do not fully reflect all the efforts that are made on the wedding day This will help you see if you really like the results and their services related to your vision so that you can fully trust them.

3. Inattentive reading of contracts.

Making sure that their work is related to your vision, the contract part becomes the most important and delicate part, as it is their support, both for you and the vendor, in case of an emergency or contingency. Let’s just remember how hard COVID was coming into the wedding industry with all the cancellations, rescheduled dates, etc.
Read carefully the contracts your vendors give you, don’t let the excitement of working with them overpower you and sign without first paying attention to what you are addressing. If you feel there is something missing from the clauses, it is always a good idea to negotiate with them to protect both sides.

4. Decide at the last minute, risking the availability of your date

Don’t let negligence defeat you and consider whether to hire a vendor. If you’re already confident that they like your work, it matches your vision, and you’ve had good communication, don’t let it go!
Hire the provider who has already resonated with what you want for your wedding, we understand that you may be tempted to continue quoting with other providers or look at more options, but in the meantime, the one you were already confident with may set your wedding date with another couple. Trust your intuition.

5. Let other people decide for you

If you don’t have a wedding planner with whom you have already decided what you want for your wedding, don’t let someone else decide for you. We understand how difficult planning a wedding can be and that delegating responsibilities may seem like the best solution, but remember, at the end of the day, the wedding belongs to you and it should be like you, a place where you feel comfortable and reflect.
There are also situations where they tend to succumb to the pressures of family or the expectations of others.No matter how difficult it may seem, always put what you want first.

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