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16 awkward situations that will happen at your wedding, whether you want them to or not

Although wedding organizations usually have a common denominator , each one develops differently, especially because of the personalities of those who attend it. However, there are situations that, because of some strange alignment of the planets in every wedding event, always happen. We know you have everything under control, but there are some things that always happen, no matter how you feel. Your nationality, religion or culture has nothing to do with it.

1. Your grandfather will fall asleep in the first place he finds it.

2. Your son-in-law will give you a philosophical speech about love, “Love doesn’t exist; you’ll notice by now. I’m telling you, I’ve been with your sister for 10 years and…”. Anyway.

3. Someone gets drunker in Las Vegas than Charlie Sheen, probably your cousin from the country who tends to look dressed up at most parties (and christenings).

4. your sister will cry her eyes out when she tells you she’s 38 years old, single, and will never find love. He also drank too much.

5. Your friend (yes, exactly the one you’re thinking of) will snag as many guys as the Canadian Army.

6. Someone will make a fool of themselves by dancing in the middle of the audience (pray it’s not your grandfather).

7. Guests will rush out like crazy to grab the bouquet, and the rest of us will ignore the matter.

8. Some funny guy will tell you that his wedding dinner (or his son’s or his grandson’s) was a thousand times better than yours. A polite way of saying your clipping looks like espadrilles.

9. The dance floor will be filled with barefoot guests.

10. Some will go to your wedding like it’s a sale, but without paying, of course.

11. The priest or entertainer couldn’t shut up even underwater.

12. Some infant will cry in the middle of the ceremony, and his mother will not take him from his seat, much to everyone’s delight.

13. Because of such a big and exciting event, the ring may have shrunk.

14. Typical Windows Movie Maker video of friends with unfortunate photos that will amuse your co-workers and bore the rest of the staff.

15. The bride and groom’s lovely dance may not turn out the way you expect.

16. Someone gives an inappropriate speech that usually embarrasses the couple, “Thanks, Uncle Mike, for remembering how I lost my virginity to the village idiot.”

Just in case, don’t laugh. When it happens to you, you’ll wish you were on another continent, preferably Antarctica.

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