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The 5 discussions that all couples have during the organization of their weddings

Organizing a wedding is a real full-time job. The preparations require time and attention on the part of the bride and groom: choosing the venue, defining the menu and the guest list, fitting the dress and suit, choosing the decoration…

The bad mood caused by stress and the large outlay of money is most likely one of the biggest problems you will have to deal with during the organization of the wedding. This will provoke different points of view regarding the continuous decisions you will have to make, which will always end up in the same way: in discussion, 5 in particular, which you will have to go through. We warn you!

1. The budget: “but how much does it cost?”

The main topic of discussion will always be money. A wedding is a big expense, yes! But it is a single day in your life together, the most important one, on which you should not skimp. When this moment arrives, which it will, sit down, calm down and decide what budget you have available between the two of you, if your families will help you and how much you want to spend on each part of the wedding. You may not agree, you may love a spectacular ceremony full of emotion and your partner may prefer to allocate most of the budget to the banquet. Try to reach a joint agreement in which you give importance to both needs. Evaluate if you can afford to hire a wedding planner, you will save a lot of fights!

2. The guest list

And one of the issues where money has a lot to do will be the guest list. A guest means an average cost of between 70 and 130 euros that will bring you down the path of bitterness. But beyond this, the main question will be whether you are sure that you want to invite all the people that you have written down on the list. A wedding with hundreds of guests will surely be a great party, but neither of you will be able to dedicate enough time to your loved ones. Discover the 8 people you don’t have to invite to your wedding!

The best thing to do is to make a first list in which you and your partner take part and, from there, start eliminating them. Don’t feel obligated to invite the sister of your co-worker’s friend or that distant cousin you haven’t seen in 15 years. Really focus on those people without whom your wedding would be empty. The problem will really come when it comes to the question of whether or not to invite your ex. Good luck!

3. The ceremony: “civil or religious?”

After the proposal, doubts like this arise. Therefore, we recommend 6 conversations that you should have as a couple before getting married, you would avoid a possible discussion later. You must accept the possible differences between you as far as religious beliefs are concerned, it is the first step to build a life together full of love. Understand each other and choose what is best for both of you.

4. Participation: “I did it all myself”!

It is normal to pay attention to the details of a link, we dream of a fairytale wedding where everything is perfect, while, probably, for your partner it will be much easier to cope with organizational issues, delegating to you everything that has to do with the decoration, for example. Although, despite this, mutual support and joint decision making should never fail at any time. You will need to decide which tasks you are each going to take care of and how you are going to deal with the planning of the wedding. This will lead to more than a few discussions and “I did it all myself” will be the phrase that will be present in each and every one of your conversations. Patience!

5. The choice of witnesses – “why him/her?”

You both have the right to choose who will be the witnesses at your wedding and the other should not interfere in the decision, although he/she should support you unconditionally. In the same way you should be the only ones to participate in the decisions you will have to make in the planning of your wedding, do not allow your parents to coerce you in any way. The wedding will be yours and everything must be according to your tastes, otherwise, this could create tensions in the couple and another small argument in the planning of the wedding.

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