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How to make a champagne tower for my wedding

One of the wedding trends for 2023 that we have seen the most are champagne towers. And of course we can understand why!

Now we’re here to tell you that champagne towers have all the potential to become the new “cake cutter”. They are super fun to make and an excellent opportunity as entertainment that can also be incorporated during the cocktail hour or to get the party started during the reception, plus you will get amazing pictures of this moment.

We’re sure you’ve seen many cool pictures on Instagram or Pinterest of this moment and would probably like to do it at your wedding, however, there are some important things to consider so that this moment doesn’t end up as a disaster.

Here are some key tips on how to do a champagne tower at your wedding successfully:

1. Decide on the design of the tower before you build it.

The design of the tower will determine how many glasses you will need, some popular designs include a square or triangular base. Once you have decided on the design, calculate the number of cups you will need based on the number of guests and the size of the tower you wish to create.

You can do a test design with plastic cups to see if the structure works before purchasing the final cups.

2. Choose glasses that work for a tower.

The shape of the glasses will definitely influence whether the tower will work, the key is to choose champagne flutes with a wide, flat base and a narrow opening to ensure stability when building the tower.
How to make a champagne tower for my wedding

3. Calculate the number of bottles you will need ahead of time.

Once you know the number of glasses you will use and their capacity, it is important that you calculate the number of bottles you will need for the champagne to flow through the tower, as the top glasses will need to be completely filled to allow the drink to flow into the base glasses.

Remember that if the glasses are not filled completely then this cascading effect that achieves the magic of the moment, will not happen, so it is essential to have enough champagne for the iconic moment.

A conical champagne glass has a capacity of 100 milliliters so 1 bottle will be enough for approximately 5 to 6 glasses. However, our best tip is that once you know the shape and capacity of the glasses you chose, take as a reference how many milliliters they require to fill completely and from there calculate how many bottles will be needed for your champagne tower.

4. Temperature is key

Did you already know this fact? We were surprised too. It is very important to keep the champagne cold before building the tower, as hot champagne can cause the glasses to slide or fall, so you have a better chance of avoiding an accident.

5. Choose a stable surface

An essential point to build a successful champagne tower is to choose a stable and level surface on which to place it, be sure to build it on a table that is not made of a delicate material and with a tablecloth to avoid damaging it. Avoid areas with strong winds, vibrations or uneven surfaces.

Also take into consideration the height of the table, this to ensure that the tower is not too high and have difficulty serving the champagne.

6. Follow the correct technique to serve the champagne.

That’s right! Like everything in life, serving champagne also has its technique. What is it? The correct way is to pour the champagne slowly and steadily over the top glass, allowing it to flow into the other glasses. It is important to have a steady hand and pour at a constant speed to avoid spilling the champagne or leaving holes in the tower.

7. Practice makes perfect!

Take a moment before the wedding to practice this moment with your partner, use another less expensive drink that mimics the same effect such as mineral water or sparkling wine, and try it at least twice so that on your wedding day you feel confident and above all have fun serving your big tower of champagne.

Done! Now you know how to create a champagne tower for your wedding. By considering these factors, you can create a stunning tower that will impress your guests and add a touch of elegance to your wedding celebration.

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