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Personalized details for guests who can’t be absent from your wedding

A wedding is a special moment for both the newlyweds and the guests . It’s a day completely filled with the magic of love, where there are a lot of mixed feelings, especially from the couple’s closest people (family and best friends). That’s why there are nerves when you’re organizing an event, because everything goes perfectly.

If you want to surprise your guests, in addition to create a beautiful and original memory of your wedding, you must take into account personalized details that will make your wedding a much more special and unusual place.

Choose a beautiful location.

One of the details that undoubtedly matters at a wedding is the venue. feel comfortable and full of magic.

Among the places to celebrate the wedding, they can choose a bohemian atmosphere, where you can have a country style wedding with romantic details. You can use garlands to light the whole field, use a bonfire and decorate it with vintage details, and add details in country elements such as wooden logs, I assure you that they will give your wedding a personal touch.

Live Music Rentals

Sure, electronic music is good, you can hire the best DJ if you want, but it’s pretty common at weddings. So if you want to fill your wedding with personalized and different details , your best option is to put in live music or theatrical performances throughout the night.

You can choose a violinist, a chamber ensemble of classical music or a saxophonist, I assure you that this will create at your wedding a completely romantic and personalized atmosphere . It will also delight your guests with variations of musical styles and divert their attention to art.

symbolic details

As you probably know, a wedding is a moment of togetherness and commitment, so you can include a personalized ceremony symbolizing the marriage in addition to the party celebration. You and your partner can light a candle separately and then light a large candle between the two of you so you can convey the commitment and union that the wedding represents for each of you.

Don’t forget to decorate any space.

This is not to say that you are going to over-decorate, but rather that you remember to decorate any space, no matter how inconspicuous it may seem , because remember that details matter, and even more so in important events like weddings.

A place that wedding planners often forget to decorate is the bathroom, because decorating it can seem difficult, but for the bathroom, you should only think of small details that match the theme of your wedding, for example, you can add air fresheners, dry flowers or soaps with decorative motifs.

Varied food

Food at a wedding is very important, especially when the wedding starts early, because you don’t want your guests to have empty bellies. Also, quite often you think of some of your guests who, for example, are vegans or don’t eat chicken.

So that you can get rid of this headache, between choosing the food served at your wedding and offering something completely cutting edge that matters, you can rent a food truck with different types of food, for example you can offer options of Italian, Mexican food or even choose a tropical cocktail bar, I assure you that your guests will be charmed by the opportunity to enjoy the different options.

Includes a photo shoot.

The moment your guests arrive and the wedding begins with the bride’s triumphant exit, there are usually a few important moments for your guests to take advantage of. The perfect personalized detail to add is a photo shoot , you can choose different ideas depending on the theme of your wedding. For example, if it is a country, you can add one or two swings.

This idea, in addition to being quite interesting for your guests, will be key so that you can enjoy photos of your family and friends at your wedding after the days have passed.

Personalized gifts for your guests

Giving your guests a gift is a good way to remember your wedding when they find a keepsake , and also if you manage to choose a functional and beautiful gift; It will be a personalized item that many at your wedding will enjoy. A feasible option would be to give personalized cotton bags, where you also contribute to the care of the planet.

Invitations for your original wedding

The first impression of a wedding begins with your invitation , this is the moment when guests create an idea of what the event can be. Also, if you want your wedding to be completely different, with personalized details that will impress your guests, invitations are an aspect you should pay attention to.

Supercharged and elaborate invitations are a little out of fashion, now the special and unique is simple and sublime. Therefore, you can choose handwritten invitations that are perfect for a vintage wedding.

USB flash drive for guests.

This is a personalized detail for guests that you can’t help but include in your wedding , it’s a USB flash drive with a piece of the couple’s history and how the closest people (guests) influenced the beautiful love story.

You can include photos of moments when you both have fun with friends and family. And also add a video that asks you to thank each of your guests for being there for such special moments, including the wedding.

You can also identify these USB drives with the name of each of your guests, it will be a special, unique and emotional memory.

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