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How to organize a wedding during pregnancy in 5 steps

If a wedding is a wonderful mess with countless parties to attend, can you imagine what it’s like to be pregnant? The going is tough, but it doesn’t take away one iota of specialty; in fact, the joy is multiplied, although you have to know exactly how to proceed.

Since wedding preparations and childbirth overlap, it’s best to take advantage of the virtues that both events offer. Aim, aim!

1. Hire or ask for help

You have to be realistic at every wedding, but if you are pregnant, with good reason. Don’t fool yourself and ask for help! Not just when it comes to going from one place to another to see, look at or pick things up, but also when planning, hiring, calling and renting.

First of all, prepare a calendar , in which the various stages of pregnancy are supplemented by wedding planning. This is the best way to balance everything and not miss the details of following each stage of the process. On this calendar, indicate achievable goals that take into account your budget, the free time you have, if you work, and the number of people who can help you.

As for the last point, ask your partner, family and friends for help. Try to have everyone be in charge of some kind of game or boundaries for any of them. If not, we highly recommend hiring a wedding planner , which is much more helpful if you are pregnant. She will take care of everything thanks to her experience in this sector and contacts with wedding universe suppliers. With his collection of professionals, you will be able to manage the most complex games and all the relevant documents.

A wedding planner can also help you choose the perfect style for your wedding, but whether or not you use his services, we suggest you focus on the arrival of a new family member to give it a much more charming and exciting touch.

2. Learn to relax.

While the wedding is important, you and the baby on the way are much more important, so don’t neglect your health. Hiring professionals to manage the entire wedding is key to this, as well as the help of your in-laws, as this will reduce the stress you may experience and harm yourself due to pregnancy.

On the other hand, learn to relax daily, take meditation , yoga or Pilates classes specifically designed for pregnant women. In addition to working on all of these disciplines, they can focus on very specific exercises for women in this condition. These types of practices help end stress and manage moods that can be affected by hormonal changes and the complex management of all the events that are yet to come. And even if you focus on other exercises, you should not stop exercising and keep in good shape with exercises suitable for pregnant women.

Don’t neglect your diet either, though you can always leave room for whimsy. Have fun when you can, stay active, clear your mind and rest when you’re thinking about it; Distract yourself from thinking about the wedding and relieve stress, always maintaining the boundaries of any pregnant woman.

3. Make a bid for an intimate celebration.

If you are pregnant, avoid all sorts of complications to make the wedding go well. And not only during the organization of the celebration, which is a lot of work and stress, but also during the birthday party, when the guests and services can change the viability of the event, which should be perfect.

Thus, we recommend organizing an intimate wedding with people you really love and really want to see. This way, you will avoid more stress and possible unnecessary annoyance.

At the same time, the smaller the number of guests (with people who really matter), the smaller the number of favors or the complexity of managing them. Smaller games are much easier to manage than larger ones.

4. Choose the bride’s look.

Appearance is very important in a wedding with these characteristics. Obviously, the wedding dress should be special and adjust to the state in which the protagonist is.

First of all, it is important to understand that a pregnant woman should not look worse than a woman who is not pregnant. In fact, many people get more out of their temporary appearance than other non-pregnant brides. This look, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can create the most radiant and charming look. And to spruce up your figure, there’s nothing better than a maternity wedding dress , available in almost all brands. They adapt perfectly to the new silhouette, with more space for the abdominal area and the perfect shape in the less bulky areas.

Similarly, the feet are the most sensitive areas because, in addition to carrying more weight, they tend to swell during pregnancy. We recommend not choosing shoes with too large a heel to avoid further fatigue, pain and possible falls, which in this situation is much more serious. Although during the ceremony, aperitif and banquet (if the bride is so comfortable) it does not hurt to play with the heel, during the dance the shoes should be even more comfortable to move without risk.

5. Choose an alternative to food and drink

As we said before, the most important thing in this context is the health of the mother and the baby-to-be. And food and drink are key in this regard, as they change in many nuances when this situation arises.

That’s why this wedding, and all weddings in general, should have special options for pregnant women. Among them are delicacies without raw fish or meat and appetizing non-alcoholic beverages. In that sense, there are cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails that work and can add to the originality that this type of alcoholic beverage usually has.

We hope these tips have helped you, and that you’ll find your wedding will be as perfect as you always imagined.

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