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What’s the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator?

Almost all weddings feature at least one of these two figures, but there is great confusion between the tasks of each, and some couples may even think they are one and the same. For this reason, today we want to explain to you what the main differences are between the tasks of each of these professionals, and thereby help you better decide which services you should hire.

1. Your pre-wedding worries

A wedding planner, as its name implies, is the person who helps organize your wedding and usually accompanies you from the beginning of planning, this can be months or even a year in advance, and is responsible for all the tasks that arise in the process.The wedding planning process from the wedding concept and style to the honeymoon, the choice of clothing, the confirmation of guests and any logistical issues such as the agenda, table arrangements and scheduling. On the other hand, the wedding coordinator is responsible for bringing to life everything you previously planned for your wedding day.

2. Contracting Services.

The wedding coordinator is a service that many wedding venues already include in their wedding packages, and the wedding planner is an outside service that works hand-in-hand with the coordinator on your wedding day.

3. Finding Vendors.

One of the main tasks of a wedding planner is to help and advise you in finding and selecting vendors, this can include from quoting to recommending those you know who may be the ones who will be at your wedding; It can also help you negotiate the best price. While the wedding coordinator in general is only responsible for the assembly on the day of the wedding.

4. Plan B.

The advantage of hiring professionals to help you plan your wedding is that they have the experience to handle any contingencies. The wedding planner is also responsible for advising and helping you create a plan B for contingencies, as well as handling any mishaps at the wedding (during the day). The wedding coordinator makes sure that the wedding day goes according to the plan you manufactured and delivered.

5. Wedding Day.

On your wedding day, the wedding planner is responsible for overseeing all aspects from the beginning of your day so that everything goes according to schedule, including everything from the brides arrangement, photography, overseeing the order of the ceremony, the arrival of vendors, assembly, logistics and everything to do with the party, while the wedding coordinator handles the party and banquet logistics exclusively.

When you are organizing a wedding, you have little time to organize your wedding, or you think you need expert help for all the planning, a wedding planner becomes almost a must , but you and your partner must determine based on your budget, time and taste what services to hire.

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