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Master of ceremonies: who he is and what he does

How many weddings have you been to that were the longest and most boring? The failure is not to personalize them and create funny speeches full of emotion and romance. Civil ceremonies involve symbolic actions that are not private, so any part of them can be added or changed . For this there is nothing better than to have a ceremonialist of actions , an expert in achieving magical, entertaining and unforgettable .

What is a master of ceremonies?

The figure of an entertainer is fundamental in all kinds of ceremonies and activities, especially if it is a wedding . What really matters is that, in many cases, the success or failure of the ceremony depends largely on this figure, the experience he has in conducting these kinds of events, his personality, his knowledge of the subject and his level . empathy for the couple.

The master of ceremonies is a professional in the communication of emotions and feelings who conducts the ceremony following a previously established script. This script is usually prepared after meeting with the bride and groom and listening to their preferences regarding the type of wedding ceremony they desire. Thus, the final result will be a unique wedding ceremony where the couple’s personal touch is clearly perceived.

It is very important to have a professional and avoid surprises during the ceremony. You can not leave anything to improvisation, you should not even do it even if you count on this figure. A master of ceremonies must define each part of the ceremony with you and customize it to your liking. Although everything is studied, previously defined with the bride and groom and developed according to the established timing, there is always the possibility that unforeseen situations arise that will test the know-how and the skills of the person who conducts the ceremony.

Why a master of ceremonies is important

  1. It is a good communicator, with people skills, with experience in public events, in attracting the attention of the same with his voice and his presence, and in making everyone have a pleasant, close and enjoyable time.
  2. Establish with you the bond of trust so necessary to be able to tell him your ideas and your story, and that he knows how to capture it in the ceremony.
  3. Design the script of the ceremony together with you: he should guide you, help you select the readings and create special and unique texts that are personalized, based on your story.
  4. Make the protagonist role of the ceremony fall on the couple, and not on the officiant, who is the center of attention for the duration of the ceremony, but less so than the bride and groom.
  5. Foreign guests? He/she will officiate the wedding in several languages or find a translator to do so, so that everyone can follow and understand every part of the wedding.
  6. Explain to you the different types of ceremony you can have:

A traditional civil ceremony in which articles 66, 67 and 68 will be read, and you will have a rigorous civil celebration. But, you can always include a reading either done by yourselves or by a family member or friend who has prepared in advance. This will give a more personal touch to the moment.
If you decide to innovate with the ceremony, you can bet on different wedding rituals. The most chosen by the bride and groom are those of light or sand. We explain briefly what each one consists of in case you decide to bet on them at your wedding! The light ceremony consists of leaving two lit candles and lighting a larger candle between the bride and groom, symbolizing your union. The sand ceremony is about symbolizing your future life together by uniting two souls. You will each have a jar with sand of one color and you will fill a new jar at the same time. These acts can be accompanied by readings to liven them up and make them even more emotional.

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