Whether you have one on the calendar or are just browsing the site, learning more about our Design Consultation can shed some helpful light into our process. With that said, we’re giving you the 411 so you know exactly what we’re all about and what you should expect.

Keep reading to learn more about our Design Consultation!

Anomalie bride twirling in her dress with her groom, amongst blush and metallic balloons.
Anomalie bride, Alisha, had a twirling vision amongst blush and metallic accents. Photo: Elizabeth Burgi

What’s a Design Consultation, anyway?

A Design Consultation is a 45-minute call with one of our expert Stylists. During this call, you’ll get the chance to tell us all about your wedding-day vision (think theme, color scheme, location and, of course, your wedding dress!). Together, you and your Stylist will design the wedding dress of your dreams.

Who will I talk with?

You’ll be talking with one of our expert Stylists. These ladies are pros at taking in your wedding dress dreams and knowing how to turn them into a beautifully constructed dress. It’s a great time to get your questions answered, including:

  • Which fabrics go with each silhouette?
  • What lace styles will complement my vision?
  • How do I style a bodice to silhouette for a complete look?
  • What do you suggest based on my Lookbook photos, style and comfort levels?
Anomalie sketch of a trumpet gown with a long train.
Charley used our DressBuilder to create her initial design. On her Design Consultation, she worked with her stylist to add the gorgeous details to make her dress perfect. For Charlie, this included side cutouts and gorgeous buttons all the way down the train!

What will we cover on the Design Consultation?

We truly cannot overstate the importance of communication here. We love a bride with a clear vision who isn’t afraid to tell us all the details! What do you want your dress to look like? How do you want to feel in your dress? No piece of information is too small. But first:

  • You’ll get an overview of our process:  who we are, our timeline, our process, and what to expect.
  • We’ll narrow in on your vision for your dream dress and ensure that your sketch reflects your vision. With your Stylist, you’ll live-edit the details of your sketch until it looks just right (think different neckline shapes and depths, different skirt silhouettes, volumes, train lengths, lace placement, sleeve adjustments and more!).
  • Once your sketch and dress vision are nailed down, you’ll discuss and confirm dress construction details such as bodice, seams and skirt layers—just to name a few.

To help prepare, we recommend you think about your preferences for your big day, especially when it comes to style versus comfort. Some dress styles can be very fashion-forward, but they can be difficult to move in (hello, bridal party trip to the bathroom!) or some fabrics can be very warm. Your Stylist will help ensure your dress not only looks great, but feels great as well.

Swatch of an ivory floral lace with matte areas and a bit of cording.
After your Design Consultation, your stylist will recommend custom fabric and lace for your dress! Our brides love reviewing detailed swatches, such as this ivory floral lace number with matte areas and cording.

Other things to consider

  • At the sketch stage, your lace and fabric will be conceptual—meaning, the exact lace pattern and fabric you choose won’t necessarily be drawn into your sketch. After your Design Consultation, you’ll view samples of your laces and fabrics and get to pick the exact ones that strike your fancy.
  • After we discuss how your dress fits your vision, we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty of how it fits your budget! Best of all? You’ll get a real-time price estimate for your specific gown on the call.
  • All of our calls are 100% complimentary and free of obligations. We want to get to know you and learn about your wedding vision, and we hope you find the conversation valuable no matter where you end up getting your wedding dress.

Can I do it over email or text?

While we love texting and emailing with our brides throughout the process, we’ve found it much more successful for our brides to have the Design Consultation over the phone. It helps us align on all the details of your dream gown and make sure we’re fully on the same page!

Where should I take the call?

A quiet spot at work or home is great! The most important thing is to be able to access (and give your undivided attention to) your Anomalie Dashboard, which we’ll consult throughout the call. We know you’re a busy bee, but please resist the urge to multitask; grab your caffeinated beverage of choice and get ready to dive deep into designing all the details of your dream dress!

—Featured image by Elizabeth Burgi.

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