Welcome to wedding season! Are you heading to the mountains, beach, or somewhere in between for your destination wedding? You’ve got enough to stress about, don’t let traveling with your wedding dress be one of them. Our Anomalie stylists have put together a few tips to help make the trip a breeze!

  • Repeat after us: I will not check my dress.
  • Be sure to carry your dress with care! Hold the hanger with your dominant hand and drape the garment bag across your opposite arm.
  • If your dress has beading or detail that was originally wrapped in tissue, be sure to re-wrap prior to travel.
  • Call your airline ahead of time and ask them to save space for your dress in the captain’s closet.
  • If your dress is crepe or beaded, do not hang. Instead, fold your dress into thirds and lay flat on your lap during flight. If this poses an issue, cautiously place your folded dress in the overhead bin.
  • Check with your venue to confirm they have a steamer on site that you can use for day-of touch ups. If not, purchase a hand-held steamer ahead of time and bring with you to your venue.